Krasnodar Franchise Expo: the First Exhibition in the Capital of Kuban was Successful

On October 18-19 the first international exhibition Krasnodar Franchise Expo took place in Krasnodar in the exhibition and congress complex "Expograd Yug". More than 30 franchise companies, representing different segments of business, participated as exhibitors, and more than 12 thousand people became visitors to the exhibition, which was held on the same site with the regional forum of small and medium businesses.

Krasnodar Franchise Expo kicked off with an opening ceremony, which was attended by: President of the Russian Franchise Association Agnessa Osipova, founder of the franchise catalog Nina Semina, adviser to the head of investment and development of SMEs of Krasnodar Krai Kristina Silchenko, and head of the exhibition project Anna Astakhova.

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The exhibition program included not only the exposition of participants, among which were leaders in franchise ratings: Gemotest medical laboratory, Baskin Robbins, Style Park retail chain, Adamas jewelry chain, METRO Cash and Carry, but also an extensive list of business events - presentations, master classes, and seminars. An open panel discussion on the development of franchising in the South of Russia aroused the interest of the visitors of the exhibition.

The organizer of the exhibition - South Exhibition Company - presented to the visitors of the event the fullest possible information about the franchise business. Existing entrepreneurs and those who are just planning to start their own business were able to learn about the legal aspects of franchising, the specifics of selecting a franchise, the details of selecting a commercial space for business. More than 20 companies made presentations of their franchises as part of the business program of the exhibition.

Franchising companies of Southern Federal District have also presented at the exhibition: CL Medical Group medical laboratory, KEAT brewery, Yabloko, Starik Hinkalych, Donuts&Coffee, and others.

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The first exhibition of franchises in Krasnodar was highly appreciated by the numerous visitors of the event, as well as its exhibitors.

“We collected more than 40 contacts and are very satisfied with our participation in the exhibition," reports Yulia Danilova, Marketing Director of Style Park. “It's still difficult to say exactly how many new franchisees we will have after the event, but there were a lot of interested visitors who asked the right questions. On the first day, we didn't even have time to rest, the flow of visitors dried up only by the close of the event. The exhibition in Krasnodar is different from other similar exhibition projects by its audience. Not all visitors are well acquainted with the notion of franchising, but it is very pleasant to communicate with them thanks to their openness and willingness to develop. The Krasnodar Franchise Expo business program was interesting, but I wish that at the forum of entrepreneurship, which was held in parallel, more attention would be paid to franchise projects.”

“We liked it very much,” says Maxim Kalinin, a representative of Samocat Sharing. “There were a lot of visitors and so many contacts that we didn't even have time to write down some of them. We are recording great interest in our project. We are very interested in Krasnodar Krai and the South of Russia. By the end of the year, we plan to open 26 scooter rental stations in Krasnodar city only. Several preliminary agreements with those wishing to buy a Samocat Sharing franchise have already been signed at the exhibition. Among the advantages of the event, I would like to mention the extensive media coverage. Support comes from the region's municipalities as well. So the Krasnodar Franchise Expo platform gives me an opportunity to make contact not only with potential customers and franchisees but also with government representatives.”

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“Over the past two years, Russian regions have demonstrated the most active franchising growth, setting the pace for the entire country's market. And Krasnodar Krai is not only an absolute leader in franchising in the Southern Federal District but also holds a high position in franchising development in Russia,” said Agnessa Osipova, president of the Russian Franchising Association.

“We are very satisfied with the exhibition,” reports Zhanna Vartanova, Baskin Robbins. “And on the second day, we had more than 30 negotiations, not counting other meetings with the guests of the events. We hope that in the near future, we will have new partners that we found at your show. We think that combining the franchise exhibition with the business forum for small and medium entrepreneurs was a good idea. The overall synergy was a plus and brought in the right people. The exhibition business program was very intense, with many sessions on how to open a franchise business and how entrepreneurs can start one. I would like to mention the project team, which worked smoothly and accurately.”

“We really liked the exhibition,” says Anastasia Ivanova, a representative of Coffee Machine. “If we talk about the results of the participation, I can't tell you a specific number of applications from potential franchisees yet, but there were a lot of visitors at our stand. Thanks to the exhibition we made a lot of useful contacts. It is very good that the Krasnodar Franchise Expo was held simultaneously with the forum for small businesses. Combining the events gave a good flow of quality visitors and created a positive mood.”

“The number of contracts to sign as an outcome of the exhibition in Krasnodar will be announced later. But the interest in our franchise is high. People from Krasnodar approached us not only to get information about the conditions of buying the franchise but also with requests to open our coffee shops in the Kuban capital,” added Pavel Chernyavskiy, Coffee Machine Network Development Director.

During the two days of the Krasnodar Franchise Expo, its exhibitors have collected over 700 applications for franchise purchase agreements. The outcome of the exhibition event will be many promising joint projects of franchise companies and their new partners.
See you at the Krasnodar Franchise Expo in 2019!