Krasnodar Franchise Expo 2019: the Largest Exhibition of Franchise Concepts in the South of Russia

The Second International Exhibition of Franchises “Krasnodar Franchise Expo” took place on October 18-19 in Krasnodar at the exhibition and congress complex "Expograd Yug" in parallel with the forum of small and medium business. The organizer of the exhibition is South Exhibition Company (UVK) with the participation of the General Industry Partner - the “franchise catalog”

The exhibition began with a grand opening ceremony, which was attended by: Sergey Altukhov, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Krai and Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Investment, Entrepreneurship Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Krai; Christina Silchenko, Chief Consultant of the Department of Investment and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises of Krasnodar Krai; Yuri Mikhailichenko, Executive Vice President of the Russian Franchise Association, and Nadezhda Khromchenko, head of the exhibition, deputy general director of Southern Exhibition Company, LLC.

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The event was attended by more than 40 franchise companies, and the visitors were 25 thousand people. The total investment potential of the visitors of the Krasnodar Franchise Expo was more than 3 billion rubles.

Exhibitors included such well-known franchises as Gemotest, Baskin Robbins, SUBWAY, Alpika, Kafin, Invitro, SushiWOK,, Yamaguchi, Cinnabon, SamaYA Samaya, and others.

The program of the franchise exhibition included not only a solid exposition of participants, but also an extensive list of business events - business intensives, seminars, and presentations. Exhibitors offered maximum information about the franchise business to potential franchisees, franchise companies, and entrepreneurs who are aiming to expand their own business on the franchise model.

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Scaling up the franchise business was the topic of the panel discussion, which caused increased interest from the visitors and participants of the exhibition. Experts in the expansion of business projects and representatives of regional franchises that are actively building their networks in southern Russia, such as PROTALANT, Magic Fruit, Potolok, Skarmart, CL Medical Group, discussed the factors and criteria for the success of franchise companies. The largest federal and world franchises INVITRO, Baskin Robbins, Gemotest, SUBWAY, told about their experience in business scaling and network development. Victor Bolshakov, founder and head of, explained why some franchises develop quickly while others fail to reach the planned milestones. The topic of the block, moderated by Yuri Mikhailichenko, vice president of the Russian Franchise Association, was the future of Russian franchising and its leading growth.

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Increased attention at the exhibition was paid to potential franchisees: the head of the project Anna Rozhdestvenskaya presented an algorithm for finding an ideal franchise and identification of unpromising franchises; master franchisee, the official representative of "1000 Ideas" in southern Russia, an entrepreneur, a practitioner, Elena Novikova offered to participate in the game "Startup" to create and test business ideas.

The II International Exhibition of Franchises in Krasnodar was highly appreciated by visitors and exhibitors. Many participants speak of the concrete results achieved - numerous negotiations, meetings with potential partners, agreements achieved.

During the two days of work, the exhibitors of Krasnodar Franchise Expo gathered a rich harvest of applications for franchise agreements. The result of the exhibition will be the opening of new franchise businesses in the South of Russia, as well as the appearance of new regional franchises.